– Journey With Christ –

-An Artist Humbly being change,rebuilt,sanctified,perfected by God –

Drossel – My Inspiration Character (&_&)

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This is something that i want to buy for a while..and it’s really just Fun to have it..so i decided to pre order it…thanks to http://www.xl-shop.com/ .Good service and up to date about toys….so…what is it? is this one..

just let you Watch the First Episode of Fireball from disney then if u interested then u can continue from there…  : – ) ..and i took some picture of my New Toy..haha….check this out!

-Who’s Watching?-


-Want to Fight?-

-Im Drossel-


is an intresting character and a really funny one..a cool character too..is one of My inspiration character..haha…..thank you http://www.xl-shop.com/ ..i have somemore photos….will post it up soon..but whatever inspiration or things that i’ve got..this is still  my Statement..

– My Source is from The Creator-

everything that i am is From my Creator..  :P..still got more work to do…..Crystal..Stay tune soon…some of your photos coming up… hehe…..

John K

-Radical For Christ-


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March 9, 2010 at 5:16 am

Struggling with Choices now…Path that need my Creator to Lead..Wisdom..

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Been really Busy with last week…but sill quite alot of stuff and things or path that i need to realign..1st need to say thank you to this person…

–Another Side of Him-Great Artist-Friend-

Derrick Cheong …Great makeup artist..also like to take pictures using his Ricoh,got an official wed site though http://www.derrickcheong.com ..Great Friend..he blogs too…http://derrickcheong.blogspot.com..Just want to acknowledge Him in the shoot last week…Thanks man..again..i know i very 客气 ..but still thanks….   : )

-Now until Then-Together-

-Now until Then-Together- Wait you both look at this photos when u get Old..ha…is just both of you …simple … : )  ..Hope you like this too..

Today would have been a great day cus i got a chance to talk to some 1 that i can just say what ever i want or feel like too….spend a great Time with Him too…..thank You…thanks for speaking to me…and do continue to lead and change me….

-Be Still In Him-

Thank you for leading me and changing me all these years…i still have so much to learn and Following you is a not easy road..as i need guidance for my future path u always there for me..and blessing me…i thank You…thank You for this Passion that you gave me…i will work much harder…

-Joshua 1:7-9-

7 Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go. 8 Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. 9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

i will…..thank you…for being there…i will keep going…..with You…    *^_^*

-My source is from the Creator-

John K

-Radical For Christ-

Great week last week – thank You for everything…

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-TTF-New Companion-

new friend to accompany me  to have 3 days session with my Lovely Client to Create something -New- …ha..hope you Love it…. Crystal and Keong…

-It has Started-

-Bridge- Love –


-It has Started- Means that both of you has started a life long journey together and gonna go thru the ceremony soon and of course as Husband and wife.also will meet life challenges Together …it has Started

-Bridge- Love – The bridge is ur own ‘personal’ area & the tress behind or everything behind is both of your Passion with each oher….  :).the Next Level to unveil each other better and love each other more and more as the time goes until both of you get as old as the bridge 😛

-Home-Settle- You both has decided to get tot he next level,would be have a home together,settle in a home of much love and care .Great Couple..

Keong ( Husband ) ,is such a simple and nice person and a great person that Love Crystal so much…felt it….Good one keong ,Crystal (wifie ),a unique and nice girl that can feel that you would go thru everything with Him in Life ..Congrates..

Thanks for Having me and is an honour to able to create your -ART-hope that you would like this 3 simple photos…will have more soon….   : P….

John K

-Radical For Christ-

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March 3, 2010 at 4:19 am

-New Year-A Journey with Him another Year-

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Havent Been blogging for months now…New year..So many thoughts and things need to be done this year…1 of it would be my Official Website for my Photography,what i’ve been doing for last few month?let my photos tell you….. *^_^* ( some from my iphone or DSI )

– Project Christ!-

been great serving Him in the camp…With Great Committees…..I will always pray for you guys… *^_^*..another photo i took this using Iphone…edited by iphone too… .when im at Cameron Highlands…

-My Source-Foundation-

it reminds me of my God Always my Source in everything i do and my Foundation…

-Joy-Mesmerize-Reaching out-

wondering why the kids have this kind of expression?let me introduce to you…

-Uncle Allan-The Ventriloquist-The Servant For Him-

that time is Christmas season,Children Christmas Party….The youth also have….

-AGC.Youth-Christmas Caroling –


it’s great to see so many people enjoyed their Visit….. : ) …then another photo using Iphone …..

-Less Of me-More of You-

it’s Christmas…thought of alot of things in my Life..then this picture comes in…i have another one…

-The Space that only He Can fill-

i believe this ‘space’ that im talking about is only Him can only Fill..our emptiness in our Heart and we won’t need anything else to fill this space anymore…everything in this world will only able to fill in temporary..But He is the only one can fill it.. haha..Ive been busy with this too..hehe…

-Me and ‘Mommy’-

-Simon-Great Friend-

this F&N Job as a magician is super Fun and Great to Travel Around and even At Kuching..haha..shot one of my Friend too…i Hope she likes it … 😛

-Deirdre Sim-

she’s a great friend and a Photographer too…..


a Fun Friend to have and a genuine friend too…thank you..for 2day..i’ll have a chance to ‘creating’ again…. : )



pray that God will Bless this Couple and Lead me ..i thank you….be the light…for so much things that you have bless me…. : ) ..do continue to be with me….

-Colours In Life-

-Different-Created by The Source-

i thank God for the Chance blessing me so much and adding colours in everything i do….i know im different and unique because i know im created By Him..i thank you… *^_^*

John K

-Radical For Christ-

– Photos -Love-I hope you like it-

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1st..thanks for having me in the shoot…Joseph…Ha….and for boon..so sorry i can’t shoot the whole event..but i only shot some..because got my friends to shoot for you that day i dowan to disturb them … : P ..i’ll give what ever i have to you soon….Joseph….u’ll see yours earlier..haha..and that’s an honor to work with you… 😛 ..congrates again ….

-Got Her!-

– Love –

want to say thanks again…and u guys are great!you guys are the ‘soul ‘ in Your photos….. *^_^* …Boon… i hope you like my photos…these 3 are some of my favorites..still doing your photos..sorry for the delay….   :- P

– Together –

this one i called it  -Together- because you both cut the cake Together ,for me a symbol of everything in Life you both will face together and walk together until you both watch each other get old Together ……..that’s what i believe the photo is… : ) ..next….

– Share-

-Share- , Both of You share a mic, Everything in Life You share with each another ,Work ,friends ,cook?,Problems and Joy that Happens in Life….Share…..  *^_^* ..the last one..my Favorite …


-Family- , Long Journey in this life would be meaningful as a Family…………   🙂 ,Boon i hope you Like these 3 of my Simple photos…if you don’t like it…errr….nvm la…u still got my friends photos..ha…..anyway…im glad im able to help you that day…. Congrates again….

-Keep Going –

For Myself…I’ll keep going to improve and have breaktru in This Art….Im loving it…..ha…….i Hope you like it…. i thank God for this gift…..


John K

-Radical For Christ-

So much to work at,But so little time.Thank you for His Grace….

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When we walk in this journey of Life is an interesting thing is we have challenges,problems….and this……Temptation.i thought im a very patience person but few weeks back found out i over estimate myself but God is Good…and i thank you for His mercy and Grace….what about you?do you have something that u tempted to do?the elevator that going up or down is like us ..Journeying in Life,either stand there and wait for them to bring me to my destination or run up…and of course this “elevator” is slower *^_^* .the lights looks really Good…and beautiful….. attracts us to see and lost focus what and where is the end…we may reach up there and tell ourself “let’s go down again and enjoy the light and we can come up and enjoy the light again…”vision,focus,God is not our focus anymore….a reminder to myself…ha….something to think about… 😛

quiet a long time din’t post some….photos…this are….


a simple man but a wise and learning father….is some one that i really respect…ha..and his son….

-Step By Step-

He would learn soon step by step…growing up step by step…… :P…next post…now with DIGI Broadband…i can blog more and do my work at home…..yeah….alot of my friends asking….what im busying with..ok…..here goes…

-Ahead of Time-

im trying and my other carrier PLAYFOOLS ..this is what we are doing….for my photography…..same…..and…


working really hard on photography now….and really trying to build it and developing it to greater heights…into….


i know it won’t happen…but into perfection would be my target….Crazy me….i thank you for those that enjoy my photos..im always improving..and working really hard on it..haha..and im building or arranging an official website…praying and see how it goes….i know everything cannot be done tru Him..

-The Light In the Dark-

He Is and Always the Light In the Dark…..Everything that i am and i have is By Grace….. *^_^*



John K

-Radical For Christ!-

-What is your Talent?-

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1. a special natural ability or aptitude: a talent for drawing.
2. a capacity for achievement or success; ability: young men of talent.
3. a talented person: The cast includes many of the theater’s major talents.
4. a group of persons with special ability: an exhibition of watercolors by the local talent.
5. Movies and Television. professional actors collectively, esp. star performers.
6. a power of mind or body considered as given to a person for use and improvement: so called from the parable in Matt. 25:14–30.
7. any of various ancient units of weight, as a unit of Palestine and Syria equal to 3000 shekels, or a unit of Greece equal to 6000 drachmas.
8. any of various ancient Hebrew or Attic monetary units equal in value to that of a talent weight of gold, silver, or other metal.
9. Obsolete. inclination or disposition.

1. capability, gift, genius

bef. 900; ME, OE talente < L talenta, pl. of talentum < Gk tálantonbalance, weight, monetary unit

*all the above is from dictionary.com

what is your talent?do you know?i believe everyone got talent,but yet to discover?for me..talent is not from me…is build in me From Him,The one that i have relationship with,the one that found me and changing me…is something to think about…i always thankful for what he has bless me….one of it is this area….i will work harder….as i editing photos today……gonna finish soon..AGC parents appreciation nite…


there is so so much in my head now in the same time struggling in my heart…..i pray that and i know that He always grant me peace..i felt peace as im typing here and looking at my screen..want to thank Him for so many things that he has bless me….today this blog is especially -Talent- …i always pray that my life and this Journey with Him will keep going,the closeness that im having,then sometimes the struggle im having,thank you for accepting me as ur child,disciple,Son….cont to be with me and walk with me in this Journey…it will be Exciting….   ; ) …

-Stand Alone-

i know that im not standing alone…..ha….Because Got You…standing with me as im taking a deep breath and continue this journey….thank you for your Love and your Word…indeed is a sanctification of the heart and the mind ,Faith and Your Grace….sometimes need to really take stop for a while…take a really deep breath and continue to walk in this journey…I will Work harder..thank You for blessing me so much potential and Talent…..How about you?The one reading this…..have you ever thought of these?   ; )

-It’s Time-

it’s time for them to get married…I’ll do my best!and it maybe it’s time for you to think about who is the one that bless you with all you have…is it really you are the one that achieve it?Talent,Potentials,You and me…..Just appear from no where?or there is some1 that created it because He Love us..The Creator….My God….Father…..Friend…..    *^_^*

-John K-

Radical For Christ!